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Rules and Regulation

Rules and Regulation

Rules & Regulation

Education, expressing pragmatically stands on three important fold paths viz. Teachers, Parents and Students; Moreover, it's logical to term this as an interwoven approach and thus, wings out the need to address specific aspects concerned strictly with the parents.

  • Principal's meeting days are fixed. Parents are requested to utilize the above facility to get the feedback of their children.
  • PARENTS TEACHERS Meeting (PTM) will be organized bimonthly which will be communicated to the parents in advance.
  • It is strictly prohibited that parents, their relatives, drivers or known persons who came to the school to take the child with them should not use any types of pouches or smoke cigarettes in the Academy premises.
  • Do note that in some cases its observed that parents are irregular in remitting the academy Fee as per the Fee schedule.In all such cases, it is hereby informed to all concerned that a fixed fine on per day basis will be charged till 30 days. After the expiry of these days of late fine, a suitable action will be taken against the child.
  • Long leave for Marriages, Functions, Ceremonies etc. will not be granted suddenly or at random. If applied for leave and sanctioned under unavoidable circumstances, the consequences there after regarding the “PROGRESS OF THE CHILD IN HIS/ HER STUDIES” are to be faced either by the child or by the parents.
  • Parents of class X and class XII students must attend the Parents Teachers Meeting so that the correct picture of their child's progress can be monitored. If not possible every time, atleast alternate meeting should be attended as they're appearing for C.B.S.E. Board Examination.
  • Parents of the Hostellers should make their wards report well in time to the hostel failing which the student will not be allowed to attend the classes for a day. Suspension depends upon the number of days took to report late in the hostel.
  • Local Guardians or Parents are requested not to make available any Mobile Phone in the academy premises for students to use. If found Rs. 1000/- will be charged as penalty coupled with its seize.
  • All the parents are advised that they should instruct their Local Guardians not to visit the academy frequently. However, in emergency, if prior permission is obtained they will be permitted to meet the child.
  • Parents as well as Local Guardians are allowed to meet their ward only on SECOND & FOURTH SUNDAY of every month. After 6:00 p.m. no parents will be entertained and are requested to please take note to this.
  • Parents shouldn't visit the academy without permission; if necessary make an advance phone call and finalise an appointment with the Principal.
  • Parents and guardians must not meet their wards or teachers in the classroom without obtaining permission of the Principal. Parents and guardians must check their ward's almanac regularly.
  • Being a responsible warden/parent it's your duty to send your ward in the neat and clean uniform.
  • It is also expected from the parents to help their wards in studies at home and see thattheir wards prepare their lessons and do the assigned homework.
  • Parents are requested to see whether their wards are coming to the school regularly & timely with all the required No. of books / copies / stationary etc.
  • Please acknowledge receipt of circulars, progress cards, messages, Test record etc. sent by the academy.
  • Please co-operate with the school authorities by taking an active and live interest in the activities of the Academy so that the Academy can function smoothly.
  • In particular, it is also expected to entrust the Principal with authority to correct and punish their children at his reasonable discretion.
  • The stay of parents at Hostel should be for a limited period of time so that the child doesn't become emotional or homesick after their departure.
  • Do ensure that your ward remains regulations in school.
  • Please encourage your ward to remain actively inwired in non-scholastic assessment too as it will be tanuer in to consideration for promotion to the next class. It's compulsory to leave non-scholastic assessment too else the student to will be declared abscent & detained.
  • After handovering any major/minor do common to the school. Please obtain acknowledgement of the same & procedure which showd to be shwon

Parents must understand & ensure that unless the term project/assignments are submitted by the student, he/she won't be allowed to take the final examination. The same is applicable for Non-remittance of academy dues.

Leave Rules

Leave of students shall be sanctioned with prior written intimation (application) to the Principal which should remain duly signed by the Parents/ Guardians. It must be noted that it may be granted only on logical/reasonable grounds.

  • The name of the students will be struck off the muster rolls of the school if he/ she remains absent more than a week continuously without sanction of leave.
  • In case of illness a Medical Certificate must be attached with the application. Long absence except in case of illness should be discouraged.
  • It is compulsory for a student who's absent even for a day to bring a leave letter addressed to the Principal & signed by the student's parent/Guardian.
  • It is noteworthy that leave of minimum numbers of days should be taken as it hampers the students progress & pace.
  • The period of leave with reasons should also be recorded in the students diary by the parent with signature.
  • Students suffering from infectious disease like cholera, measles, chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough must produce a fitness certificate from a Doctor.
  • In case if student fails to secure 75% attendance throughout the year he/she will be debarred from the final examination.
  • Parents should respond positively for any phone call/letter concerning absence of this ward.
  • No leave shall be granted during Terminals and Annual Examination nor any re-test will be conducted for any such candidates.